Thursday, February 26, 2004

Since we're on the subject of Jesus lately, I thought I would share an email exchange via fanmail to our site recently. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent:

From : xxxxx
Sent : Wednesday, February 25, 2004 4:26 PM
To : A Fan
CC :
Subject : Re: Jesus

ahh xxx, if it were only that easy. god gave us a
brain, a very powerful instrument to use, not to give
up. again, like a good parent, god has given us this
long life to experience things and come to our own
conclusions. it's that wonderful thing called "free
will." remember, after adam and eve were cast from
the garden of eden humans were no longer divine and
were left to make decisions for themselves. also,
when i get messages like this i wonder..."are you a
good christian" or just somebody who has accepted
christ as their saviour? there's a big difference,
and i hope you realize that. what i mean is, do you
act like christ through your daily actions or do you
just think you're saved merely because you've accepted
him. we have hypocrite christians like george bush,
or pat robertson, or the millions of americans who
favor war and capitalism yet they know nothing of the
gospels. mr. bush would never accept the likes of the
apostles or mary magdalene into his home. he would
never wash the feet of a leper, he would never "turn
the other cheek" as Jesus instructs us to do. yet
under the guise of christianity he goes on and on
about moral duty, protects the rich, and kills
innocent people half way across the world. so i ask
you sean, are you one of those christians, a false
prophet per se? i mean the average born again
christian in this country is a republican, and the
average repbulican is pro capitalism, against social
care for the poor and disadvantaged, pro death
penalty, and pro war. that's the saddest part. all
these born again christians who don't act like christ.
that's why i just want to know how seriously i should
take your message. i want to know if you're a good
person. i want to know if you do good acts. in fact,
i want to know the last time you helped someone you
didn't know. the last time you gave the shirt off
your back to someone you didn't know. the last time
you gave all your money away. merely accepting jesus
as your saviour is too easy, that's why millions of
americans do it, yet they still spend millions of
dollars on evil companies, sin profusely, hate
minorities, and act unchristian on a daily basis. so
while god may not need to prove anything to me, i'm
afraid you do. if you're going to send me an email
and try to convert me, then you better prove to me
that you're not the average hypocritical american
christian. i want to know WHO i'm dealing with.

p.s. glad you like our music, we appreciate it.

--- "A Fan" wrote:
> I recently heard your song, "xx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx," on the web site. If anything from this
> message, I hope you realize that God does not have
> to
> prove anything to you. Give it up. If you want
> proof, give it up. Stop trying to control your
> life.
> If life has shown you anything, it is that you can't
> go through life with expectations of anyone, even
> God.
> Realize that you will be happier if you ask Christ
> to
> take control. Give up. Just try it. If you are
> truly tired of looking for answers, let the answers
> come to you. Allow Christ to take control instead
> of
> saying, "God, show yourself." I've already been
> down
> that road. I eventually got tired and realized I
> was
> helpless and I have no power in my solitary, selfish
> soul. If you come to the end of your rope in your
> own
> philosophy of life, give it up. Answers will only
> come when you let yourself go. I am a huge fan of
> your music and I have been for several years. You
> have an original edge to your music that has made
> your
> recent album addictive. If only you could take some
> of my advice. I would hate to see you stop playing
> your songs and lose your lease on life. I hope you
> realize I am concerned about your life, and I only
> want to help. Make Christ personal instead of this
> big entity that you can't talk to directly.
> Wish you well,
> A fan

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