Friday, February 06, 2004

I would like to say this feels like 1992 all over again, but it feels more like 1988. I don't think the Dems realize what they're getting into. They've been so focused lately on Dean's faults, that they have forgotten what Bush and Co. are going to do to Kerry once annointed. They will pick apart his record, call him a liberal, call him the senator from Taxachusetts, point out that he was Lt. Gov under Dukakis, and catch him in some dumb photo op reminiscent of Dukakis riding in that tank. Kerry seems to have a fetish for dumb photo-ops. The Harley thing on Letterman was cheesy. It's only a matter of my advice to the Kerry campaign is to get him to stop fucking doing that shit before something embarrassing happens. Kerry's poll numbers may well be up vs. Bush now, but there's a lot of ball left. I do not like Kerry's chances vs. Bush in the longview.

It's a shame what has happened to Dean. He really reminded me of Truman in the beginning, a common sense pragmatist with liberal leanings who wasn't afraid to tell it like it is in an articulate, no nonsense way. It looks like I won't get a chance to vote for him now because I live in California, unless he can pull off some miracle in my home state and stay in the race. I guess all people in this country want is a feel-good person who will do precisely nothing. I felt that way in '88 when Dukakis was annointed. I felt that way in '92 when Clinton (remember "Pander Bear") was annointed. Same with Gore over Bradley in 2000. What is the matter with me? Am I just betting on all the losers?

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