Thursday, February 19, 2004

Preparations are going forward for our upcoming round of tours. Two months, my friends, two months. This is a long time to be away from home with no certain job after returning. I just found out today that the parent company that took over about the time of the last tour finally realized they made a mistake in not docking the unpaid leave I had of approximately 11 days back in October of LAST year. Luckily the pain of this can be spread over four pay periods to soften the blow. Still, it was something I should have planned for. Whatever. That's what rainy day funds are for.

Here is the van for the European leg of the tour. Beats previous vans, where we were packed in like sardines with only a window on one side that didn't open. We go to Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Austria. Most sights will probably be seen outside of those van windows. Then we return for a full U.S. tour. In August, there will be some festivals and then we are going to call it a day.

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