Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Some days I just feel like a busybody, a paper pusher (or email pusher). The company I work for is going through some hard times. A big project that it was hinging its future on is now dead in the water. There is a buyer, apparently, who doesn't want to change the personnel that still remain, and the transaction is supposed to go through on January 15th. Still, I've been through these kinds of things before and my hopes are not too high. But I am hopeful that I won't be let out onto the street until my wife and I move to that in-law unit early next year. Ground has yet to be broken for the place, though. The timeline keeps getting pushed back to this bit of bureaucracy or that.

On the music front, I haven't picked up an instrument since this gig. Well, once, to do a session for this guy for a track he put out for this organization. And I picked up the horn to play a lament the night after we had to put our beloved cat, Renee, to sleep. Oh, and I was present to help out with some audio cleanup for this DVD. Okay, I guess I've done a little bit of work, but not much. I have finished my first draft of a book I may put out about the seventeen years I spent showing up to practice. I've been bouncing off the manuscript with a couple of people who aren't close to my vest these days for an objective opinion. It's not a kiss and tell book, more like the journey of a person struggling to decide whether to take the "all or nothing" approach, or juggle day gigs with band gigs. I took the latter and, for now, have given up on the latter to pursue the former full time. To the point: Now that I have done that, I have been working for a company who struggles like the band I used to be in. Successful enough to win an award or two and get notice, but is it enough to be profitable? Time will tell.

Also, political affairs that occupied my time and energy preceding the election could not be further from my radar at present. I suppose it mirrors the period of mourning that many of my worldview share. There will be another day. But I'm going to sit all of that out through the holidays. To do ....what? That's the question. Read articles about Johnny Cougar, I guess. I've always had a soft spot for him, since I was born in a Small town, too. But I definitely have nothing against a big town, because I live in one.

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