Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Since my last post, we found a house we liked, put in an offer, got a counter offer, we countered again and they accepted. I'm not going to jinx it just yet, but it looks like we'll be homeowners in the Bay Area by April. Inspections are next, as well as finalizing the loan process we've been preapproved for. There are some hurdles to go before we can say for sure, but I do believe I hear the fat lady warming up in the dressing room!

Back to politics. Frank Rich has it just about right. The only folks who still believe the GOP is relevant at this point in time (besides the increasingly racist right wing wackadoos who thought it would be a good idea for Palin to be a breath away from the White House) the still-wired-for-the-dubya-era beltway press. I think I'm going to begin purging my bookmark list of the likes of Politico, WaPo, etc. Name another President who's passed such a large piece of legislation so soon after inauguration day. It is going to take time for the Neo-Hooverites to go home.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I've had a frustrating morning trying to edit a couple of small .mpg videos, and have given up for now. I'm also coming to the realization that Macs confuse me. I mean, it makes sense, my day to day existence is on PCs, and haven't owned a Mac for very long. I'm typying this on K's new PC laptop, for instance. But that's because of the way our apt. is laid out and where Livie's crib now is.

We're going up to Oakland to look at another house we probably:

A. Won't like
B. Will realize is too expensive
C. Will come to the conclusion that the neighborhood is shit

Things seem just "this" much out of reach as far as buying in the Bay Area. We have a pre-approval, but for an amount that lands us in marginal areas in Oakland. And we don't want to live in the exurbs. So...we'll keep plugging.

Limbo is never fun. I think I'll be all right on the job end of things, and if we had to, we could stay down here in Santa Clara for a bit longer, but we are ready...have been for a bit have our own space. But we must weigh the reality of the world right now into our own sphere. Long story short = the big Peet's cup will wear off soon and then I'll calm down.

Friday, February 06, 2009

New correction. It has come to my (own) attention that I was wrong in citing the Viking choke against Arizona as a game in 2004. It was actually this game, in 2003.

Hats off to the Steelers (that was SO last weekend). It makes sense, they were the first to get to four, so it only makes sense that they leapfrog Dallas and SF to 6. I don't think SF's gonna be back for a while, and I'm going to venture the same guess for Dallas. Too much hubris down there.

This afternoon at work has been slow, the calm before next week's storm. I'm running two large webinar training sessions, one for a client on Wed. and another for the general public Thurs. Training is draining, but it ends up being strangely rewarding. It's kind of like teaching, but without the discipline or having to keep grades and correct tests. I don't mind having stumbled upon that aspect of the job at all.
Been a while. I'm spending more time on facebook than in here these days, so it goes. Too much media. So what's new? Livie's 16 months, walking, talking, climbing, causing a ruckus. She's very strong willed. That part she gets from her mama. And she's a little bit of an imp. That part she gets from me. I'm starting to put some mini videos up on YouTube.

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