Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's been a while. Nobody reads this anyway, so who cares?! I have to tip my hat to Keith Foulke last night for that last pitch. I think this is as close as the Red Sox will get to a miracle, I'm afraid. But I will reserve a space for a little Oakland pride in that moment last night. I am rooting for the Red Sox, who besides Yanks fans wouldn't? But the Yanks just have too many weapons. I'm already mentally preparing myself to root for the Cards in the WS.

Now, on to more serious matters. Like this. Jesus, talk about pissing my pants.

Okay, seriously. I am doing some serious wood knocking at the moment, but things are looking up for Kerry, whose campaign reminds me of the Greeks and the Olympics. They waited until the last minute to get the job done, but they did a good job in the end.

Finally, since I bought Brian Wilson's "Smile" two weeks ago, there has been a song or a fragment from that record stuck in my head ever since. I wonder if the gods are trying to tell me something, that maybe I shouldn't have retired from the rock and have more important things to contribute than answering tech emails and phone calls.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

God I love it when I'm right. Cheney's going to try and be grave and somber about 9/11 and try to scare everybody. I called it way back on 7/9, in a post right here.

I'm hoping Edwards has done his homework in retorts to this method of spin, and that he's not going to try and change the subject to his standard stump speech. Cheney's in a different league and all Edwards needs to do is show his command of the subject, and his personality will do the rest.

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