Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don't know if it's possible for me to get through a day without looking at a news or political site, but if it were, today would be that day. It looks like the pitchforks are out, and I'm reminded that, while the two party pendulum swing is as American as apple pie, I don't think the 21st century is going to be an American century because of it. Then again, it appears the patterns beginning with the previous turn of the century are still about the same. There was a Gilded (aka Robber Baron) age in the late 19th Century, then things took a turn in the early 20th (labor unrest, and many thanks to Upton Sinclair) which led to T.R. and Progressivism. In the midst of that was a Panic. What next? Another Great War?

Kidding aside, I am amazed that, with all of the information at our fingertips now (took me 3 seconds to look up the Panic of 1907), how short our collective memory has become. At least, for those who control the mainstream media outlets. It seems the narrative wins over all, regardless whether or not there are inconvenient facts that would render the narrative less compelling. Scott Brown the people's candidate? Puh-leeze. Next they'll be saying Tom Delay was, in fact, a true American hero and Enron an American success story.

Monday, January 18, 2010

First day back at the office since the holiday shutdown and my two weeks of paternity leave (I call it that, though technically it's regular accrued time off), and it's quite a soft landing, being that today is MLK day and everyone else is off. I spent the first hour catching up on emails, but mostly I just went around the office wishing everyone a happy new year, and thanking them for the well wishes upon Brenna's arrival on January 3rd. Brenna is a healthy eater, doing well so far. Things seem easier this time around. Livie's been a good big sister so far, though I think there's a subconscious thing going on with her that's coming out in the form of challenging boundaries, and feeding off of any negativity from our displeasure over said boundary challenges. These things will iron out as long as we remain calm, kind and nurturing. I've tried to focus on that, and so has K. We haven't exactly succeeded 100% but it's a process.

On the political front, 2010 begins with the pendulum seemingly swinging back in the other direction, an emboldened GOP and some of the rowdy know nothings who came out in the McCain Palin rallies peddling ignorance seemingly resurgent. We shall see, but all indicators point to a GOP pickup in the Mass. special election for Ted Kennedy's seat. It seems to be the law of things (revolution, counter-revolution) - and this country deserves what it will get - second rate status in the 21st Century, if we can't get sensible health care reform passed. The bill ain't perfect, but we will not be able to compete in the global economy in the long run unless we catch up to the other industrialized nations of the world when it comes to things like universal health care. We live in too complex a society and world to "go back to simpler times." But I'm using the language of the know nothings like Glenn Beck and others when I paraphrase such things.

In sports, I have a sinking feeling that the old man (#4) is gonna get his ring this year, and next, and then retire and go into the Hall as a Viking. As a Packer fan who came of age during the gory years, I cannot help to be a pessimist when it comes to the subject of sports. I can't hold a candle to Cubs fans, but you get the idea. GO SAINTS!

I have no resolutions this year, except maybe to try and get more income than the last. We shall see if and/or how that comes to pass.

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