Friday, July 22, 2005

I don't know anyone, other than the clients he represents, who likes this guy. Let me count the ways. Oh yeah, let's not forget him, though he can hold out for as long as he likes.

I am reminded of why Socialism would never work. Because in order for it to work, everyone in the community has to buy into it. And for those like Rosenhaus, the only solution to preserve that kind of a system is to kill people like him. And, of course, we already witnessed that tendency in action in the last century.

That said, it is possible to designate an enterprise, and utilize socialistic principles for the betterment of that enterprise. And it has worked for the NFL relatively well, but if it were up to Rosenhaus, all of that would be thrown out the window. I love how he tries to paint himself as a crusader for fairness to the players. I'm not sure why I'm wasting so much time on this topic, other than my frustration that the PACK is affected.

Monday, July 11, 2005

And Now....

for the worst kept secret in politics today.

People might be making comparisons to Watergate at this point, but it looks a little more like Iran Contra to me. Reagan's excuse was Alzheimer's. W's? Just plain stupidity. It would be nice to see Cheney go down, but he's too slick for that. Or, if you will...tricky.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

As Buzzflash points out this morning:

"Okay, Here's the Game Plan. Have Right Wing Fundamentalists Attack Gonzales as Not Extreme Enough. Have Bush Criticize Right Wing Fundamentalists, Ergo Making Alberto 'The Torturer and Executioner's Handmaiden' Gonzales Appear 'Moderate.' Then Nominate Him for Supreme Court as a 'Moderate.' Macchiavelli Gives Busheviks Two Thumbs Up for This One."


And, as my friend Tim says: "Ashcroft is coming, we're fucked no matter who W. picks. He won't make the mistakes of Reagan and Bush1, he will make sure he puts a cocksucker in there."


Friday, July 01, 2005

Well, here comes the barrage...

And here I thought Rehnquist was gonna be the first to go. His resignation is no big deal, but O'Connor's could have implications for Roe supporters. Then again, you never know. For every Thomas or Scalia, there's also a Souter or Blackmun or Earl Warren (the latter three were also GOP nominees that came back to haunt them). That said, interesting is the case of Alberto Gonzales, current Attorney General. I find it odd that his name would be leaked by White House Sources so soon (according to Bob "No Fact" Novak, notorious right wing commentator), and that conservative opposition to his nomination is already out of the floodgates, as if they knew something in advance. Call me paranoid, but that looks like a smokescreen, and I said so in signing this petition. Gonzales is supposedly a "moderate" on the Roe topic, but let's not forget his memo implying that torture tactics are ok for interrogating prisoners. I smell a rat in this. If Dems in the house or senate are breathing a sigh of relief at this nomination, watch out!

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