Monday, February 02, 2004

About two weeks ago I my car got towed to the tune of $171. Two days later, I got another parking ticket for $40. Some time yesterday morning or Saturday night, my wife's car got stolen. The luck lately has been tremendous. Did I mention the part about how we're waiting for an eviction letter any day now, because our apartment of two years had been sold a while back and the new owners are planning an "owner move-in" eviction, which I suspect should arrive at any point between now and when I have to quit my job in mid-april to go on tour for two months with my band. I'm thinking the timing will be just about perfect. When I'm on the road, I'm guessing my wife will probably have to move all of our things out and put them into storage, crashing at her mom's house until I get back. I haven't been reading the "worse case scenario" handbook, but...I mean, with luck like we've been having, it's inevitable, right? Here is a message to all young people in america: to get ahead or succeed here in this country, cheat or steal.

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