Monday, February 02, 2004

I was busy grilling sausages out back during "Tittygate," barely paying attention to the Super Bowl at that point in any case due to being upset over my wife's car being stolen. I don't see what the fuss is about. Uh, yes I do. Americans get so bent out of shape about a little boobage. Big deal! With all of the hardcore porn a mouse click away, it's a bit tame. Drudge is certainly enjoying himself I'm sure with the closeup front and center.

I find it amusing to see all of the grown men (Michael Powell, Paul Tagliabue, execs at CBS) squirming over this. Next year the halftime show is going to be Christian Rock. Unless, of course, the GOP is booted out of office. Uh, I take that back.

Really, this debate boils down to what I think is the central tension of being human: one's animal instincts (innate) versus the socialized factors that make us embarrassed over those animal instincts in the name of being "civilized." Different cultures have varying degrees of this, of course. I doubt if this were on German or French TV that anyone would even bat an eye. Until we Americans realize that these taboos are silly, people will go on having latent fantasies and buttoned up conservative types will go on with their kinky fetishes on videotape and hide the tapes in boxes at the bottom of their junk piles in their basements, one day to be discovered by their horribly embarrassed nine year olds.

I also find it amusing that different rules apply for network TV when in reality any kid in America who is resourceful enough can pop onto Google, type in "cumslut" and find a whole lot of stuff way more graphic than Janet Jackson's sun-kissed nipple.

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