Friday, February 06, 2004

My mind has been preoccupied with less heady material this week. First, the car: recovered. After a long bureaucratic process, the end was anti-climactic: the car was driveable, so I just hopped in and drove it straight to Kragen Auto parts, where I bought two clubs, one for the steering wheel and the other for the clutch. This will never happen again.

Second, the housing situation. As I alluded to in my worst case scenario, we knew something was coming but we weren't sure what. Well, after sending us a contract, which we signed two months ago which was basically a month-to-month agreement for the same rent, the new landlords decided to send us a new contract raising the rent by 56%. They cite some loophole in the law that allows for a larger than normal rent increase due to "debt burden." But they signed the estoppel agreement when they bought the house and they knew what they were getting into.

So the war is on...

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