Friday, November 04, 2005

Terrell Owens is the Dennis Rodman of the NFL. With each passing year, he regresses further into childhood, like he was born on the planet Ork. Besides how crappy the season has been for the Pack, another reason why this football season sucks so bad is because of all the attention being given to crybabies like T.O. I think Andy Reid's about to pull a Gruden, meaning to send T.O. packing like Gruden did with Keyshawn Johnson a couple of years ago. Of course he's talented, but so was Jeff George. George had a rocket of an arm, and now no team will touch him with a ten foot pole. And why would they? Football's a team sport, and the last thing any team needs in such a competitive league is a fucking nut-job or a head case keeping the public eye on the locker room. If Reid doesn't pull a Gruden on him, then I'm losing respect for him.

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