Monday, November 07, 2005

Heh heh. Sterling Sharpe's on the radio as I write this. Suit up, Sterl. We need 'ya! I don't understand why Rome keeps bringing up the subject of giving Rodgers a shot to run the Pack. The team's problems are not Favre's fault and putting Rodgers in, before he's ready, would make matters worse if that's possible.

It appears more and more likely that the last member of the old company, the one I was hired out of the blue for back in August of 2004, may be leaving soon. That would mean I am the last employee of that company, still around to witness a complete turnaround of personnel, including the Chairman, CEO, owner. If someone would have given me a looking glass back in October of 2004, when my boss first told me I was going to be let go (before the new person who took over told me I'd be staying the the very next day...both are now gone), I would have laughed. But here I sit.

I've taken the book back up (finally). I'm awaiting the edited version of my previous draft from my second cousin, who used to be a big time copy editor in the 60s. In the mean time, I'm moving on and paring down. There are a lot of technical details and family anecdotes that I've decided to cut. I need to tighten the narrative, and keep the comic angle. Well, it's not going to be a complete comedy...I'm not capable of sustaining that. But it will be an insightful look at how to navigate through the wilderness when you're not entirely sure what your foundations truly are. Where are your roots? Do you have any, or are you stumbling through life, haphazardly. Mine's the latter. Whether anyone will be interested to read it is another matter entirely. If I can pass a dozen readers, then I will consider it a success. Mainly it's been a good way to pass the time through boring day gigs.

Next Blackbirds session is slated for 11/19. I'm going back up to Chris's studio for help with guitar overdubs. My new house won't be ready for any functional recording for a while. It's a little bit at a time 'til then.

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