Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veterans' day. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black:

"Bush singled out Syria for particular criticism, saying its government had taken 'two disturbing steps' in recent days. He cited the arrest of Syria pro-democracy activist Kamal Labwani and a 'strident speech' by President Bashar Assad. In that speech, Assad said his government would cooperate with a U.N. investigation that implicated Syrian officials in the killing of a Lebanese leader, but warned he would no longer 'play their game' if Syria 'is going to be harmed.'

Bush said Syria 'must stop exporting violence and start importing democracy.'"

Didn't we stop "playing their game" (meaning the U.N. and some of our allies) when we went into Iraq unilaterally? How many different ways can I say that the war in Iraq is making matters worse? We've escalated the conflict. We've inspired young jihadists to strap on a bomb and walk into hotels and restaurants all over the world. It's only going to get worse, my friends.


Alan said...

Just happened to pass by.

Veteran's Day... reminded me about my late US-Army-veteran grandfather who fought the Japanese in Phils during WWII.

Valour and Freedom, two strong words that still echo today as we, here in England, commemorate Remembrance Sunday.


swanwilliam said...

Thanks for commenting. It reminds me of my late Grandfather who fought in WWI also. I'm distraught that our current leaders cloak themselves in those values you outline, and in practice represent something else.

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