Friday, November 18, 2005

I think the Dems are making a big mistake to vote with the GOP to continue the war, regardless if their re-write of Murtha's resolution is a cynical ploy or not. The Midterms will not be won on nuance. Either you're for it, or against it, right? That's how the GOP has decided to frame it. Well, yeah, I'm against the war, and I'm FOR an immediate pullout. Dems should vote for this. Can someone convince me otherwise? Nuance lost Kerry the election, and I fear this could be a big mo-shift for Repubs during the midterms, because they can use this as support for their lies. "Rep. So and So voted against pullout" and toss flip-flop in there. By the time the Dem Rep. gets into the second paragraph of the explanation, they will have lost about half of the people in the district actually listening. Call their Goddamn Bluff of the Bluff, Goddamn it!

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