Friday, November 11, 2005

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I'm starting to think that the U.S. Government is piping some strange chemicals or hallucinogens into Ralph Nader's water.

The NFL Players' Association should realize that wrapping their cause around a purported crusader like Drew Rosenhaus will do them more harm than good. Beware false prophets.

So much for last thoughts. The story's not going away because I think anyone vaguely interested in sports realizes what's at stake. If Rosenhaus gets his way and the Eagles are forced to play T.O., it will be bad for the league and, ultimately, bad for the players and the agents representing the players, not to mention the game. Why? Because others will follow the lead, feigning injuries in a contract year, mouthing off to the press about their fellow teammates. If this is the kind of thing that organized labor wraps itself around, then in the long run management will win the hearts and minds of the majority.

On a related subject: Creationism. I liked Charles Osgood's take on "Intelligent Design," and I'm paraphrasing through what my wife recounted from listening on the radio: "I wish I had that as an excuse when I was taking my final exam in biology class." And from this point on, anyone who mentions "Intelligent Design" to me will be corrected. It is creationism. Repeat it early and often: Creationism, creationism, creationism. Kudos to Dover, PA. As for Kansas, here is an interesting article, not directly related to creationism, but it will be to the politics in the state in the long run. As more people from other regions of the country, especially California, heh heh, move to places like Kansas for cheap housing and wide open space, the dominance of the Operation Rescue folks will get watered down.

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