Thursday, January 13, 2005

There. Now that I've edited my site code, maybe I should pick up the trumpet once in a while. My wife, Netflix and some IPA or another have been my focus since my band's last gig at the beginning of August last year. Since the election I've just felt a little depressed. Seems the things inside and outside of my life are lacking a little direction. K & I had a plan, thanks to her mom's help, that materialized in July, but the actual beginning keeps getting pushed back. So there is this limbo situation at our Oakland apartment, where we're forced (after numerous hearings) to pay more than we can afford, but it hasn't made sense for us to move knowing we'll be moving to a permanent, and essentially rent free place. Had we known they would still not have ground broken on the place at this late a date, we would have moved to temporary housing at the end of September.

This is so boring, isn't it? I'm saving the fun and wit for the book I've been perfecting.

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