Thursday, January 06, 2005

More talk. I've spent the past two months hard at work on my book. It's about my life in rock bands, from age 17 until age 34. It begins with a passage I'm writing from a gray cubicle at work, then dives right into the comic subplots that were my early attempts at putting a band together. I suppose it's an autobiography, but mostly it's geared toward fans of my last band, giving an insider's look at the process of making our records, some of the dumb tour stories and the like without getting too personal about the other members, but personal enough to describe the evolution of the interpersonal relationships. Getting along and finding one's place is half the battle in a band, and I suppose it's a bit of a primer for those who would want to try it for themselves. In that way it's also about the struggle to continue on once you've reached a level of "potential" success, opening for bigger bands, yet still having to navigate through being hired for, and then quitting, day jobs to make ends meet in an area as expensive as the Bay Area. I waver back and forth whether or not it's too self aggrandizing, but I've sent it out to some people I trust to proofread it. As I gather that feedback, I'll have a clearer idea about how close to done I feel I am, and then submit it for publication. It will probably be a year or so yet before any of this sees the light of day. But just finishing the draft is a big enough accomplishment.

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