Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Odd times. I've survived yet another round of cost cutting and layoffs, and will be doled out some extra responsibilities, among them being responsible for the accounting of the company, paying bills, etc., answering the general phone line (did that for a month beating back solicitors when we were in the process of moving offices and I worked from home), then also doing network maintenance. I'm supposed to learn that from our IT guru before he leaves. How in the hell am I going to do all that? As best I can, I guess, until someone beats me out the door and tells me I'm not doing a good job. When I started, there were 17 people at my company, already the smallest I'd worked for. Then it went to 10, then 8, and now, apparently, 5. Well, besides the 25 engineers the new owner has supposedly hired over in India. They're keeping me because I don't get paid all that much and have apparently demonstrated that I can learn anything that's thrown at me. We shall see. In any case, from my perspective, I'm just trying to maintain a good salary until the debts are paid off in two years. The money I make now is more than I've ever made, and I have more freedom in my role. Still, it's......weird.

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