Thursday, January 06, 2005

There are times when words are not necessary. I haven't written in here for a while because the Tsunami defies anything that any written language can do justice with. The pictures and descriptions of events say it all. This is not a time for punditry, for politics. My wife and I plan on sending money after the 15th (when we have some).

An old bandmate of mine happened to be over in Thailand when it all happened, and I emailed in a panic, knowing he had been in Phuket the last I'd heard from him. Luckily, he responded that evening saying he was okay, up in the mountains to the north in Chaing Mai/Pai. Another friend had called me the next day in a similar panic, saying he had a dream about our mutual friend, and I told him he had already emailed back confirming that he felt the tremor, but had no idea what was happening along the coasts. He didn't find out until watching CNN.

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