Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The NH Primaries are tonight and everything I've read today underscores the same point: No one really knows who is gonna win. Like I said, I am out of the business of predicting. I'll support anyone who wins as I am pretty solid in the ABB category. But I am now leaning more towards Edwards. If the California primary were today, he is likely who I would vote for. I wonder if I am beginning to outwit myself by trying to predict who is the most electable vs. Bush? For this reason I have turned my back on Dean and am about to do the same for Clark simply because I feel like the media has it out for both candidates. Clark for the whole Michael Moore nonsense. I really felt his response to the stupid questions he's been asked about the whole thing have been fine. I don't know what the fuss is about. Moore's writing is rather juvenile, I'll leave it at that.

I guess these are extreme times. We're in a perpetual state of war, and I'm not just talking about Iraq. It's one thing to have a robust debate, but I don't think this country as we've known it and loved it can survive for long split 50/50. Those who would march and use fighting words for peace in the world should start looking within first. The only way we're gonna beat Bush is to be quietly confident that we're right and they're not. We need to raise taxes on the wealthy. Period. And Edwards has been selling that point pretty well. I am not swayed from the other candidates (Dean, Clark) as a direct result of the media overscrutiny, but the fact that I know that others will be. I have felt Edwards was a bit green, but he's also been unflappable thus far.

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