Friday, January 30, 2004

By all means, for those you who haven't seen this version of Dean's Iowa speech, see for yourselves. If this can catch on and become a meme, maybe there is hope for Dean after all. Maybe not in the south, but in Michigan and certainly the state where I come from, Wisconsin.

One more thought: in the debate last night, Kucinich had the best response to Brokaw's question: if you don't win this next round, will you drop out of the race. He said he sincerely believed it's going to be undecided all the way to the convention and that he may have a role to play with the delegates he has. Now, he may not help Dean, but Dennis has a point.

I hope Dean, Kucinich and Sharpton stay in the primary to the end, because their contributions to the debates has been good for the party in my estimation.

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