Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My vacillation continues. All signs are now pointing to Kerry but something in the back of my head tells me that this is going to be a longer process than in elections past. If Kerry can produce a win in some southern states, then I am willing to concede that's the direction this thing is going. But I remain skeptical. Then again, that same something in the back of my head also tells me that Kerry has a better shot than Dean in the south if it were only a choice between the two of them. Dean's a fast talking, stereotypical East coaster. Kerry certainly has the look of the stereotypical east coaster, but is admittedly a bit more likeable and has a mellow, deliberate demeanor, which has a better chance of resonating in places like the midwest and the south where the culture isn't so fast paced and/or tense. I hope that doesn't come off as a stereotype of the south or the midwest. I grew up in the latter and have only been a west coaster for 11 out of 33 years, so I hope I know what I'm talking about there. And Chicago stands out as one exception to my above generalization.

But back to the NH primaries: One thing we do know for certain is, as Clark put it, there is a "final four." Kerry, Dean, Clark, Edwards. What we all knew about Lieberman has now come to pass. Time to put the bulldog out to pasture.

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