Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, Hank Jr.'s against Obama. Shocker. These guys are still bitter over the "bitter" flap. What's worse, saying (and I'm paraphrasing now) "I can see why some might get bitter and cling to slogans like 'god, guts and guns' without thinking shit through about the plutocrats in disguise they've been voting for all these years?" Or saying (still paraphrasing) "People who live in small towns are the only real Americans. If you live in a big city you're anti-american." I am reminded why I hated the rednecks in my home town as a kid. I hope it goes without saying that not everyone in my town was a redneck, and I have long lasting friendships from there as well as places I've lived since. But in this climate, it seems everyone's in lockstep with their given stereotype. Yet I am at least encouraged by this news.

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