Friday, October 17, 2008

I am ready for the election to happen. The campaign, as usual, has been a big obsession and I guess I should admit I'm a bit of a political junkie. There are other things going on.

Firstly, Olivia is 1, and we have a new baby on the way, the due date we suspect will be in late May.

Second, housing prices have fallen so low in Oakland and elsewhere in the East Bay that buying a house for us might actually be an option. We've paid off our old debts. Funny how being unable to afford to buy a house all these years makes us look like geniuses for holding off until now, when the market has taken such a crap that we might be able to buy one. Up until about six months ago, we were planning a possible move to the midwest to buy there. Then we started looking at the numbers and took stock of our lives. Though I'm from the midwest, did I really want to start all over again? And do I really, REALLY want to freeze my ass off for six months out of the year if I don't have to? There were other considerations, too, but I won't get into all of that.

There is a threat to this plan, though. Call it a reality check, a.k.a storm clouds on the work front. The economy might eventually affect my employment if things keep up. I can survive through this deep into next year, then we will have our own house, California home owners. I would have never thought this to be possible. So, I will try to keep my head up and keep my eyes on the prize, come what may.

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Green Laker said...

now I am happy that you didn't move back to the Midwest! And we too may be CA homeowners if the prices remain "low" (relatively speaking) ten months from now.

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