Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Okay. I'm about 1/4th of the way through the Alaska Governor's Debate of 2006.

One word of advice to Biden tomorrow: Don't say anything that will give Joe Sixpack an inferiority complex. Instructive to this is Palin's response to a question about where she would live in the state if it wasn't her home town? 18:02-18:56. Check it out.

This is the classic neoconservative construct: Liberal elites don't respect our way of life. "Laugh if you will..." etc.

Beyond that, we know about her support for "life" under all circumstances (except when the mother might die from childbirth). Even when the mother is raped...although she does seem to pay lip service to "this is my choice, but." This is at 13:10 - 14:20.

In addition, early on she kept repeating her aversion to hypotheticals. One of the panelists then smacks her down a bit at 34:18. What follows is interesting.

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