Thursday, December 18, 2003

Well, I think I have the format the way I want it for now. I spent a good part of the day tinkering with the template. It's still a tad dull but I am not an artist. Where do I go from here? I guess I could start by getting more involved and writing other people. I need to massage that part my brain a little bit more as I have been dormant in the communication department.

So what of the title, "Ham Radio Central?" It is my slang term for people who get mired into the details of something of little consequence. It's origins can be traced to my days as a Customer Care Representative for Cellular One in the mid 90s. Occasionally some know-it-all would call in and complain about why he's getting dropped calls from the basement of his house. He would then instruct me that I was incorrect to assert that the problem was due to being in the basement, that he was a certified ham radio operator and obviously knew more about wireless technology than I did. He would then proceed to pepper his complaint with all sorts of useless technical jargon in hopes that he would impress me into giving him a credit for the dropped call.

I began applying this term in the recording studio towards anyone who was exceedingly nitpicky. That squeak you hear on the guitar string in track 20 at 2:14 on the counter is the sound of a human being playing the guitar. Let's move on, shall we?

So why am I applying the term to myself on my own website? That's a good question. I hadn't put too much thought into that. Let's just call it my mission to promote the term "ham radio" worldwide in hopes that it some day makes it into the dictionary as a slang term for the obsessive-compulsive.

Let's also say that it fits nicely into my belief that writing is a form of exorcism. If there is something seething inside of me, I like to write about it so that I can look at it as words on a page, which makes me feel better. I have to look at my crude form of expression to realize how trivial my anxiety sometimes is. We will call that ham radio speak. There you have it. Did I pass?

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