Tuesday, December 30, 2003

There's a break in the rain this morning. That's good news because I need to get back into my walking routine. The holidays are a little rough on the waistline, but my wife and I joke about the fact that we're hibernating for the winter. Most of what we're storing is beer and wine, however. We both have quite a tolerance for it, I just hope our livers can forgive and forget come next year.

Today I find myself in that weird zone between bored and unmotivated. I have things I could be working on in the work downtime but I just don't feel like doing it. Speficially, there is a horn arrangement I could be playing around with for this song that we're doing, but I haven't got the motivation for that. I guess maybe part of the reason is not to become too committed to any more parts for this thing as the majority of my work thus far has been rejected. I'm getting to the point in my musical career where I am losing interest in being micromanaged, regardless of the fact that the end result of my being micromanaged might be far grander that what I could accomplish on my own. Am I making sense? I feel like I need to step out of the shadow of our fearless leader. But that will come soon enough. There's plenty to enjoy in the interim.

On that note, I applied for a job that would most definitely fuse my abilities at work with my abilities as a musician and home recording enthusiast. When I found out about the job I actually took the time and found the balls to network and we'll see if it works. I have hope that it will, but it's risky in that I will be touring for upwards of two months for the remainder of the year. The job would have to be tolerant of that or it won't work.

And so the year is just about up. Ah, I'll save that one for tomorrow...

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