Friday, December 19, 2003

Has anyone else noticed how people in the press like to complain about parity in the NFL in one breath and the divide between haves and have-not's in baseball in the other? Just what do you WANT, people?

Seriously, what does this say? It says that people in the press are awfully cynical. It must be nice to get paid to sharpen one's eloquence in tearing things down while not having to offer an alternative in it's place. That, as they say, is not their department. And since we're all information hounds, the whole cynicism begins to permeate our subconscious. This is one of the reasons why I've been looking for alternative sources for my information. I'm on a constant search.

Here's another gripe of mine: Government is bad and inefficient always, but private business is lean, mean and efficient. That's a load of crap. How much money gets wasted every year by companies who send Christmas cards to other companies that nobody cares to read? One small example, to be sure. And here I am sitting on my ass...

I admit I too am cynical. I'm working on it. Once I find out whether or not I'm going to get evicted from an owner move in for the third time in four years, whether or not my company decides to change the nameplates on the doors in the offices that were just bought out by its competitor and my wife gets the job she just interviewed for, I'm going to allow myself to wallow in the negative for the time being. Sure, things will work out, but I'm pissed when I'm powerless and forced to just sit and wait.

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