Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ok, a couple of volunteers at Obama's campaign told two muslim women not to sit behind Obama in fear that the wingnuts would seize on this image and try to further paint Barack as a Muslim in disguise. Here's a link.

Maybe it's unfortunate, but maybe it's also an opportunity to remind everyone about what matters and what doesn't. Now, the next time there's an event and a couple of women wearing headscarves sitting behind our candidate at an event somewhere, some nut somewhere will say "See, he supports terrorists, they're sitting right there," someone else can remind him that it was also he who made a big deal earlier about the campaign staffer who "discriminated" against muslim women. Or, I suppose the same nut can take it a step further and say..."well, they was scared that the truth would come out about their terrorist leanings before, which is why they didn't let them women up there but now, see, they done slipped up." At which point the rest of us can go: Man, that guy is a NUT.

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