Thursday, June 19, 2008

Although I'm a little concerned about the public opinion shift among some towards a more receptive attitude for offshore drilling (that's a convoluted way of saying people dumb enough to have bought a Hummer or a Ford Excursion are really getting desperate now), I'm not THAT concerned. This is an obvious ploy by a lame duck administration to get a few more chits for their cronies in the oil industry, nothing more. They're once again trying to fuel (ahem) the debate, but I believe it will backfire (heh). How? By getting McCain in line with the pro-drilling forces. Now the cards are on the table, another example of "McSame."

And then all it takes is to convince people how stupid the idea is, and how it won't work. All that will take is a little common sense: by the time any offshore drilling would have any effect, and it's doubtful that it would, it would be too late to matter. And, in the time (estimated 2030ish) it would take to do that, we could have instead implemented an alternative vehicle strategy that encourages EV vehicles among others, and they'd certainly be in production by then. Right?

Well, we had an EV a while back. But they killed it.

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