Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I am enjoying it while it lasts: Watching the right wing blabbermouths whine and complain about a left wing media conspiracy being responsible for McCain's resurgence as the front runner of the Republican Party. All the paranoid hatemongers out there are looking for anyone to blame but themselves. They're just pissed that it's a weak field. All of the GOP candidates are flawed and I smell victory (even if it's Hillary). McCain: Loathed by the right wingnuts and rejected by the independents this time around due to his steadfast support of Bush Iraq policy. Romney: Does anyone really LIKE this asshole? Absolutely no shred of a sense of humor to be found. Huckabee: Come ON. Are you kidding me? The "secular" world knows better than that. Good luck, Pal.

Cast my vote for Obama this morning, and also NO on everything except Prop. 93. I've never been a fan of the current state of CA's term limits. Also No on A & B for Santa Clara. It's shameful how dishonest the proponents of A & B have been, on up to the Mercury News. I used to think the Merc was the best paper in the Bay Area. Not anymore.

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