Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Based on last night's Obama/Clinton debate, I'm ready to make a prediction: Obama takes Texas by about 10 points, and Clinton squeaks by in Ohio by about 2 or 3. Obama wins the rest. The Saturday night live line Clinton had again fell flat, just like the Xerox line and scores of others. I thought Obama's rebuttal about the definition of denounce versus reject was a nice subtle jab at the definition of what "is" is. If the Clintons have any class they will bow out with grace next Tuesday, but I think we know that won't happen. They're probably going to slime up the convention over Superdelegates and Florida/Michigan. I hope I'm wrong.

On another note: Tim Russert is such a [XXXXX}. [6-14-08 Edited out of respect for the dead, but will keep the link from TPM]

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