Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well today's the day. Voting for the primary and local measures, obscure party committee candidates (making sure LaRouchies don't get in), etc. I'm casting my vote for Edwards in the hope that it helps his chances as Kerry's running mate, press reports about their increasing animosity notwithstanding. At this hour I am still undecided in two areas: City Council At Large for Oakland: Henry Chang or Melanie Shelby. Both look to be good candidates. The argument for Shelby is that she's young and energetic, might bring new blood to the post. But it's hard to argue with Chang's record. The other area I'm on the fence is Measure 57. I'm not sure a bond measure to take care of State Debt is the right way to go. There are some larger, structural issues in how the state is governed that contribute to the problem such as the mandate from Prop 13, etc. If 56 passes, then that increases the likelihood that taxes would be raised to cover the debt. I don't have a problem with that to a point. So I am leaning no there. On the other hand, we live in the real world, and I doubt 56 will pass, which means that if 57 doesn't pass in that scenario, then it's likely the State will slash programs to cover the deficit. So long as 58 passes, mandating a rainy day fund, that shouldn't be a problem.

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