Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Watch this space

If FB decides to reinstate the account of the former "president" tomorrow, I expect an uptick of activity here for random updates and the like, doin' it old school here and via twitter. Jury is out on instagram. Probably not much there since FB owns them also. I do not want to continue to do business with anything or anyone that/who aids and abets known fascists. FB is already on thin ice anyway. I've contemplated stepping away from that platform for some time for a variety of other reasons, not exclusive to Zuckerberg being a complete d-bag and Sheryl Sandberg just generally bugging the fuck out of me with her lean-in bullshit. Google and other platforms are not without guilt as well. We do live in the modern world and have to live in that world and communicate as best we can (when in Rome, etc.). But a line needs to be drawn and if 45 is back to feeding the news cycle again with his bs, I'll be here for a bit. 


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