Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 2011 from a dwindling repository of posts. I don't come here much anymore. It seems my thoughts have been truncated to 140 characters a pop. Well, I have good reasons I suppose (see prev post).

Predictions? Don't want to jinx it, especially Packer/Bear bowl followed (hopefully) by the second Superbowl in as many weeks. Goals? Get them in order. Maintaining is fine but where am I headed? It's an important question that needs sorting. I'm approaching my five year mark at my current gig, which is a record. I do note, however, that the previous couple of places we lived both were about 3 years apiece, which seemed to shatter our previous records of where we rented before that. We're approaching year 2 of home ownership (itself a first), so longevity is something that is likely to be more frequent. Then again, in this country in its current state, who knows? We must always plan for change, advancement, improvement, redirection. There are no sure things anymore, even if you hold all the cards.

But how's this for longetivity? K & I will have been married 10 years this July. I have been in the Bay Area for 18 years straight. This is longer than any other place I've lived by 3 years now. So records are being broken. Doesn't mean I'll be a broken record...

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