Sunday, June 06, 2010

Just say no to rednecks. I'm reminded of that in the whole Arizona brouhaha. I love it how some people from my home town (and some in my family) get all aroused over "illegals" in this country. You know, the ones who take all the good jobs like picking lettuce in the hot sun all day for sub-minimum wage. And some have relocated to places like, oh, Mesa, Arizona, talking about how people who don't live near the border can have a truckload of "illegals" sent to their neighborhood and see how they like it. Because, you know, they require YOU to speak Spanish etc. blah blah blah. Mesa, Arizona...nice English word, eh?


Thanks to facebook sometimes you get exposed to the realities of who people you once knew as a child really are. And some of them seem to embrace their ignorance, as if it were a badge.

All right, let's go back in time to, oh, California in 1848. As anyone who can fucking google "California," at that time California was part of Mexico. Do you think all of those hillbilly motherfuckers looking for a quick buck who started squatting and making claims to land that wasn't theirs obeyed and respected the law of the land at that time? Oh, right, Polk just started a war to solve that one.

Point is, like those who get on their high horse about "family values" and heaven and hell but have cheated on their wives or worse, chances are the people who bark the loudest about illegal immigration are the same motherfuckers who get pissed off about having to pay too much for a fucking head of lettuce.

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