Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Last weekend the nesting ritual began after a brief "Braxton-Hicks" scare, so we're by and large prepared for the arrival of our second daughter some time between now and next month. This pregnancy has been tougher on K's body, a lot more kicking going on. Overall it seems to have progressed a lot faster. And maybe I've been in a bit more denial than I should, as in "holy shit, we're actually about to have a second child and I don't feel prepared in the least!" That is, until this past weekend, where we rearranged things in the house to put up the new crib in our room, packed up our hospital suitcase, put together our checklist, did the hospital tour (since we'll be going to Oakland Kaiser and not Santa Clara this time) and so on. When there's a little bed waiting for our little one, it seems more "real," to me at least. I hope I am up to the task of taking care of Livie a little bit more, especially in those "mommy mommy" moments when the only comfort is when K walks into the room...and she can't because she'll be nursing. Only one way to find out. Brenna Kay, you'll soon be here!

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