Monday, March 23, 2009

The 90% "AIG" bonus taxation bill currently in Congress is all about the 2010 House elections. These guys know it will die in the Senate, or if not there, you think the Supreme Court as currently configured will let that one stand? I keep hearing all this talk about populist rage, how Obama and the administration are becoming endangered by it. As I mentioned before the election, and will repeat now, I don't see it. I think people realize that the root of this shit goes way back. And who are these populists gonna vote for? Palin? Hahahahahahaha. This is the topic du jour, and while there is something larger at play here, I think the people who overwhelmingly supported Obama in this election will give him a chance to get the structural stuff fixed so this type of thing doesn't happen again. I don't think people are gonna put sheets on and take to the streets with burning crosses just yet.

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