Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Here's all I'll say about Palin: Getting personal with family matters should be off the record, unless what you do for yourself isn't what you prescribe unto others. Remember when the Clintons were practically hanged for sending Chelsea to a private school? And I hear wingnuts yak about Al Gore's energy bills for his estate all the time. Come clean about your abstinence-only philosophy and now you're talking.

She's got bigger issues than her daughter's pregnancy, but more to the point...McCain's got two big problems:

1. Judgment to lead - This was clearly a last minute hail mary a-la Brett Favre 2005-2006.

2. Readiness - How is McCain's argument about Obama's readiness to be commander in chief holding up? How about all of the wingnuts who parroted the same line? They can all stew in their moose shit now.

I wonder if Gustav's the only reason these guys are scaling back their convention. For one, it doesn't seem like everyone got the memo. And another, I wonder if turnout and enthusiasm would be any different Gustav didn't happen. I guess we shall see.

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