Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am disgusted by the state of American journalism. Most of the mainstream journalists writing about the election and the current Democratic convention are so concerned about keeping some kind of controversy alive, that they pull shit out of their ass. One headline reads: "Bill Clinton and Barack: Too Alike to Like Each Other?" And then there are the CBS "experts" trying to read Hillary's "body language" to interpret how she "really feels" about Barack Obama in her speech last night. And still others talk about how the speech was "great, but listen to what she didn't say," and then pull out a rabbit like, oh, "Barack is ready to be President." "But why? Why didn't she say THAT?" Un-be-fucking-lievable. It's as if GOP operatives secretly funded groups to funnel money to lackeys in J school to get their degree, look handsome, and then parrot their talking points. Like the one about the Greek Temple. I mean, give me a fuckin' break! Clinton's speech was fine. Maybe she and Barack aren't going to bake cookies together, but Jesus. I'm sure it will be all love, peace and harmony in St. Paul. At least, according to the toadies that give McCain free pass after free pass.

Now, who knows what Bill's gonna say tonight. But I am at least heartened by this exchange. Git' em, Joe!

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