Thursday, May 01, 2008

To my fellow Obama supporters, let me just say this: It's not surprising that the old country club would try and throw the kitchen sink at us. Remember, both McCain, Clinton, and also most of the establishment media have a lot to lose were Obama to be elected. The absence (largely) of PAC and Corporate, Lobbyist money means the end of things as the country club folks know it. And they are fighting to dupe people into believing that Obama is the kind of elitist that, in reality, they are. This election is our last, best hope to change that. Otherwise, it won't happen in my lifetime, and this century will be a repeat of the last. America will slowly fade as a power and countries like China, India, and others in the Asian region will be the ones dictating the terms. If we stay our current course, the vacuum we have created for ourselves will continue to suck things that way.

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