Sunday, April 13, 2008

I have a sick feeling in my stomach about the to-do over Obama's comments about people from small towns being "bitter" about the last 25 years. I'm from a small town, but I know what he meant. He meant that politicians come through small towns blow smoke up their ass and then turn around and promote policies that encourage people to leave them. The ones who stay behind become embittered about such politicians. Our manufacturing base, for example, is being shipped to China and other places and promotes a dependence (not interdependence, by the way) on a repressive country that will come to haunt us one day (if it isn't haunting us already).

But all the so called "liberal" media and the other candidates will point out is how "elitist" the comments were and I fear this will resonate, because it taps into the psyche of rural America, and not in a good way. When people see themselves as being pigeonholed, they will get touchy, and many won't look at this rationally. I just hope he can weather it.

All he should have said is that people are ticked off. And the whole thing about religion and guns was sloppy. The wingnuts (and, by extension in this case, Billary) are going to have a field day. Now this thing's going to stink its way through the convention. Yuck. I hate politics.

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