Friday, August 24, 2007

I don't usually care about celebrity stories but this one ties into a beef I have with where we're headed: As long as you're wealthy or famous, different rules apply.

We are so obsessed with celebrity and status, that we don't realize how stratified we're becoming. A woman who took my blood pressure, etc. for life insurance last night was a case in point: how hard it is for people who do something of real value in our society to simply survive in California. It is one of the reasons K & I won't be here for much longer. It's an unsustainable playground for the rich, who are increasingly served by a slave class. That's right. I said it: Slaves--in practice. Try making $9 an hour living here much less sub minimum wage under the table.

Rant over? Go Brewers. We'll be at AT&T Park tonight rooting for 'em.

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