Monday, November 13, 2006

I have been wildly overdue in mentioning the latest release from a mentor of mine, Jeff Jagielo, formerly of the underappreciated Madison, WI band Ivory Library. His new project, called Sqarewave, can be found here.

Jeff and Derrick Mcbride (who now plays in a band called Ultraset) took me under their wing somewhat in the early 90s when I had a band while at school in Madison called Strange Bedfellows. I cut my studio teeth with Jeff up at his home studio in Plover, WI, then promptly moved away to SF in 1993. We kept in touch for a while, then I moved so many different times, got all wrapped up in beulah, that I lost touch.

Last summer K & I had dinner with Jeff in Oshkosh and he handed me the above gem, along with an old recording that we did back in '92 called les plymouths, on DAT. I've been putting off mastering that old plymouths' record which, besides Beulah's body of work, is the one I'm most proud of making. I'll save les plymouths for another post, but Jeff's done a fine job with the Squarewave release.

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