Friday, October 13, 2006

The Oakland A's are down, but not out. Since I welcomed back baseball again finally in 2002 after swearing it off in 1994, the A's have become my adopted team. Partly it's because I lived in Oakland, and partly it's because I've admired the fact that they can have such a low payroll and still be a contender year in, year out. But I must admit that the clincher was the colors: green and gold, same as my beloved and lately battered and bruised PACK. I'm a simple man with simple needs. After attending game 3 of the ALDS to personally see them advance for the first time since '90, I've since been in a bad mood. K has been a little concerned at how loudly I've been screaming at the tube the past couple of days, and it's made me realize that maybe I am just a little too emotionally invested in this team. I think it represents an emotional investment in the underdogs in all walks of life. America's currently 0-2 in that regard when you look at the last two Presidential terms. So America...if the A's win tonight, get ready for 2008 because a change for the better is coming. No pressure, Rich Harden, no pressure.

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