Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Last night ABC News chose to highlight excerpts of John Lennon's well known 1970 interview as the 25th Anniversary of his Assassination approaches. And now I realize why, but I didn't last night. I guess they're releasing audio of it.

The interview is one that I first read in my mailroom days, but I had also read the 1980 Playboy interview which, I think, is a better representation of the man. Last night I got a little peeved that they would highlight the somewhat bitter 1970 interview...and got me to thinking that it's the conservative conspiracy to take over the news media, etc. etc., to cast our hero in a more negative light. But that interview's been in the public domain for years, and I think anyone who wants to read that one should do it side by side with the Playboy 1980 interview to get a proper perspective.

Rant over.

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