Monday, October 31, 2005

Worst. Football Season. Ever. What can one say about the Pack? I don't buy the talking heads on sports radio when they say they should bench Favre for Rodgers this season. We don't have anyone to throw to other than Donald Driver and Bubba Franks, no one to run the ball effectively, a patchwork O-line, a shitty secondary, and on and on. Rodgers hasn't moved the ball in the times he's been in the game, even in garbage time. All we can do is sit and suffer, and read that series JSonline's doing about Favre and revel in the past. It's what Packer fans had done until Wolf came to town in ' about the glory days of the 60s. Now we can talk about the glory days of the 90s and hope that we can have them again in the....20s. Seems to be a 30 year cycle with the Pack. Look at the championships. And then there are the gory years. It appears we are on the gory road for a while.

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